Oklahoma Girl

Lucille Ball has ADHD

Well hello one and all! Welcome, welcome to my new (yet not quite improved) blog! First thing first…do you know how hard it is to start a blog? I mean literally trying to create a site for a blog! Its exhausting…and by the time you figure out how to upload a post…you don’t even know what to say. Therefore, I hope you accept my random thoughts in list form:

1) If you’ve read my “about me” section then you know I was born in the wrong generation. Its just a matter of fact. I am not like people my age.

2) I am unable to figure out technology. I attribute this to #1 of this list.

3) Big reason behind the birth of this blog is for the one and only “Recipes” section!! Just a warning…it is not meant for the faint of heart…I like butter! (But not in a strange, psychologically significant, Paula Deen kind of way! Promise!)

4) Also…I think I have a tad of un-diagnosed ADHD. Just a tad. In fact, my excitement for this new blog is being hindered by the background noise of the movie currently on my television.

5) Here is an example of my ADHD: My boyfriend and I wanted a new dog. He wanted a small dog…I wanted a Great Dane!! I would name him Roger!! Why you may ask? Because Great Danes are the gentle giants of the canine world! And gentle giant reminds me of The Jolly Green Giant. And of course the word “Jolly” makes me think of the Jolly Roger!! So it is an absolute must that this non-existent Great Dane that I have will be named Roger.


6) Oh my boyfriend…bless his heart. He has to put up with a crazy ADHD version of Lucille Ball. I wonder if her character on the ‘I Love Lucy’ show had just a tad bit of ADHD too?

7) I promise I am not talking excessively about an attention disorder. I am currently taking psychology classes to compliment a  nursing degree. And FYI when you take classes like that…you will in fact diagnose yourself with everything in the book.

8) Anyways, back to my original point. Wait, I had a point right? Oh yeah I forgot. I’m an abnormal college kid that abnormally loves Lucille Ball, Great Danes named Roger, Cooking, and just add sewing into the mix!  (reference #1 for any questions you may have).

9) Well I believe it is time to submit to my attention disorder and allow myself some premium, uninterrupted TV time.

10) Wish me luck on the blog as I promise I will be back to make improvements (hopefully before the week is over!)



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