Oklahoma Girl

Two-Week Bucket List

Hey, it’s me! You know…your neighborhood craft enthusiast! I’m back…and I’m here to tell you that this craft-crazy Oklahoma girl is about to get even more crazy…maybe even deranged. So here’s the deal: I am on the brink of yet another semester of school. And not just any school…nursing school. Translation: I’m trading in my social life for a grueling 18 weeks of all-nighters and coffee-induced comas.


This is what one of those comas just happens to look like….dead to the world.

Now don’t think I’m harboring any feelings of resentment or exasperation toward this school thing. Afterall, I did choose nursing over superhero during kindergarten career day. Its just that…well…for the next 18 weeks I will reluctantly be transformed into a recluse. A “hermit” as my best friend calls it. Literally cut off from civilization…in my own little world otherwise known as the library.

So what does this mean?? Every spare moment will be committed to preserving the memory of my soon-to-be-over freedom in the hopes it will carry me through my upcoming career as a hobbit. So with that being said…here is the two-weeks-before-social-isolation bucket list:

1) Must go fishing.


Don’t make fun of my teensy-tiny fish. I’ll have you know I caught the most of anyone and this lil’ fella just made the picutre

2) Jump off and/or out of something. Perhaps another go at skydiving?


3) Another wine tasting and painting class with my girlfriends!


I post this picture because the picture of our paintings were absolutely hideous and we do not speak of them. They are hidden…never to see the light of day again.

4) Feel the wind on my face….at 40-50 mph!

222370_2054251960790_4904170_n (1)

This may or may not be included in the “jump off of things category” (hopefully not as a result of a crash landing. Yikes)

5) Sing in a karaoke bar.

6) Have an old-fashioned tea party

7) Go on an adventure

8) Be silly….in public! (Because what else will your relatives talk about at christmas dinner)

21221_10201121235137880_512136789_n (1)

9) Eat smores at a bonfire. All time favorite treat…ever. (did I mention of all time?)

10) Enjoy a little relaxation time!

These pictures from past and present along with the bucket list should hold me until my Freedom returns…In 5 months! I hope as my readers you take pity on me and send humerous emails and comments to ensure my sanity doesn’t leave me during my period of isolation. Please?! I promise i’ll check them regularly…the library has internet. Promise!


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