Oklahoma Girl

Back to School

Did you know that coffee sales drastically increase during the months of August to May. You didn’t? Well that is probably because I made it up. But it sounds factual right? I mean, think about it…from August to May we are experiencing early mornings, late nights, busy afternoons, and an immense workload. It can only mean one thing….school.

I suppose I should take this moment to apologize for my prolonged absence. Did you know that during nursing school you are not allowed to Facebook, text, or blog? Imagine that. It is like they want us to pay attention or something. Oh I kid, I kid! It was a self-inflicted absence as I had to coerce my own self to work on school schedules, assignments, and committees. But now it is the weekend and we shall rejoice in the presence of a new post as it is my duty to keep my readers thoroughly informed!

In this last week a multitude of events has taken place! And do you know what? I was having blog withdrawals. I legitimately missed you guys and felt like a rather rude blogger for playing hooky! Especially to work! So here it is…everything that I haven’t told you in the last week…in rapid succession…in list form! Brace yourselves!

1) I had to give a head-to-toe assessment on a “patient.” I recruited my brother, my mother, and my dog for practice!

533208_10200484539451342_1742967753_nLook at that face! Perhaps he is just playing up the part? Or maybe…there is a possibility his facial expression is due to me having assessed his bowel sounds. I wouldn’t like people listening to my bowels either.

2) I have gone through approximately 34.790834 cups of coffee. This is can be accredited to #1 of this post.

3) I am a Chatty-Kathy. I already knew this…but it was further evidenced by the astonished looks on the faces of my study group. I need help. Someone please stage an intervention!

4) My family and I stayed up until midnight making cookies and posters for my youngest brother’s student council elections. Our efforts were hindered by the cookie-monster who kept “quality-testing” our products. Ahem…dad! At least the 5th graders will appreciate our campaign posters.


5) When teaching your youngest brother how to make cookies…95% of the ingredients will inadvertently take up residence on his t-shirt and this will go unrecognized until the two of you are at the craft store and people are glaring at you. Oops!


6) Once you think your done buying books for school…SURPRISE!  You’re in the book store again! It is a good thing I really enjoy that new-book smell…even if they are for class.

7) Painting whilst wine tasting is in fact a challenge. One minute your wining and dining and the next minute your attempting to meticulously put trees in your background. You will need four arms to do this.

photo (3)


8) When you give all your homemade cinnamon rolls away to your pregnant friend and her husband, be sure to save more than one for yourself. Taste-Tester hijacked the one and only cinnamon roll left in my possession! I will seek justice for this!

9) When assisting your mother in the buying of a new microwave you will wander aimlessly down the cooking appliance aisles and be reminded of your shiny-object syndrome! Crockpots, juicers, and blenders…oh my!

10) When friends post pictures of rodeos I wish desperately the two careers of cowgirl and nurse would coincide. Unfortunately I will not be putting much stock in that idea. I suppose I’ll have to settle for being a weekend cowgirl after my clinical weeks at the hospital are over.


Until next time!




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