Oklahoma Girl

Study-Break Behavior

Well hello all! It has been a cool minute since I’ve seen you last! I know I know…I have been absent for an especially long time! It is just unacceptable behavior…to subject you to a prolonged absence without explanation! How rude! The punishment should be…hand-delivering cookies? Grandma’s secret lasagna recipe giveaway? Maybe if I just embarrass myself and tell you what has developed in this crazy Oklahoma girl’s life. Perhaps if you laugh, you will forgive me of my atrocious behavior! So I bestow unto you the silly and true life events of an Oklahoma Girl (in list form of course)!

1) I have officially acquired a second job and have gone from plain ‘ole kooky Lauren to full-blown berserk. How you may ask? I must now haul around 4 bags for all of the school books and work supplies needed in the day. I have unceremoniously become the bag lady. If you come across me sitting on a park bench it is probably because the weight of my bags are so much that I have buckled under the pressure and my legs no longer work.

2) The immense workload of school and two jobs has forced me to become unhinged. My poor, unfortunate boyfriend was present for such behavior during a study break in which singing was involved. Very loud singing. And dancing. Very bad dancing. First in the kitchen and then throughout the house as I followed him as he tried to escape my atrocious singing skills.

3) Due to the fact that Taste-Tester has been neglected (except for the singing incident) I attempted to surprise him with a date to his favorite restaurant. I told him to put a jacket over his head as a blindfold so he would be surprised. He did this:

photo (6)

4) Later, I was so tired on the drive home from date night that I did this:


Taste-Tester made sure this picture was on every social media site for all our friends to cherish forever. Ain’t he grand?

5) After a period of going spill-free, I knew I was due for a relapse. I have diagnosed myself as a habitual spiller. If there is coffee, tea, water, or any kind of juice within a 5-foot radius, it will end up on the pants. Specifically scrub pants. While on the way to your new hospital job.

6) You know what happens after you’ve been sleep deprived from nursing tests every Monday for two months? You become giddy. And when there is a singing and dancing ban, there are repercussions…in the form of silly faces. (This is attributed to #2 of this list)


7) You know you are a nursing student when you haven’t had a hair appointment in months and your roots are not even remotely the same color as your highlights. This fact is emphasized by your nursing friend who texts you to ask if cutting her bangs with her nursing trauma shears would suffice as a haircut.

In conclusion, I am a crazy, eccentric student who desperately needs to graduate soon to retain some semblance of sanity! But I promise as long as the coffee is flowing (and not spilling) the posts will continue! Just remind me not to drink more than three cups or you will witness another rendition of my sleep-deprived, study break behavior!



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