Oklahoma Girl

Things You Don’t Know About Me

My dear followers! I address you today with a question. Are you facebookers? I am. I added “facebooker” to my repertoire of hodge-podge, mis-match hobbies a long time ago. And boy am I a facebooker, an avid one at that. I am on there every day. Why you may ask…well I have this slight creeping obsession. It’s like people watching but from the safety of my couch (with the additional benefit of pajamas being perfectly acceptable style options). Alright now I know you guys are wondering where I’m going with this. Well, besides “creeping” on people, I also enjoy lists, odd facts, pictures, stories, and more lists! And a facebook game had them all!
It’s called “things you may not know about me”. This by far was one of my favorite games. It took my people-watching to a new extreme! And of course I had to be a team player and participate (and feed my compulsive list-making obsession). So here it goes.
1) I chose to be a nurse when I was just 3 years old
2) The only time I thought I would be anything other than a nurse was when I painted in a studio and wanted to be an artist
I painted this during my “van gogh-Lauren-likes-color-and-random-lines” phase
3) I want a nose ring and a tattoo but I’m afraid I’ll change my mind! I don’t have a picture for this one just yet! But hold on to the seat of your pants guys, I will have something by the end of the year!!
4) I hated my name for a long time and wanted to go by anything else. Fortunately I was that kid in highschool that had umpteen-thousand different nicknames and was never called by my given name. In fact, some of my friend’s parents couldn’t remember my actual name!
5) I’m contemplating getting bangs.
As you can tell, after I made this list. I made the impulse decision to get bangs. And here they are! (side note: when your hairdresser hacks off your hair and all you have left is 3 inches of bangs, you will enter a state of shock and proclaim “I have bangs!” to every question, comment, or statement you hairdresser makes.)
6) When …we were little I would get in fights and punch people for picking on my brother
Guess what…another self-proclaimed work of genius! (a.k.a. sketch of me and my brother)
7) I think I was a hippie in a past life because traveling the country with a camera sounds like a pretty good idea to me. (side note: Camera just got added to the christmas list…which I wrote (in my mind) while doing my new hair. Please reference #5 of this list)
 8) I want to build a house in the country and have a self-sufficient farm (seriously, I want cows and chickens and horses. Taste-Tester said no until last week when he said “I wouldn’t mind having a couple chickens”! Of course this news comes after there are no more chickens to be had and the season is over!)
9) I do not have “ring fever” or “baby fever” but I look forward to the day those things happen (I’m all about these little side notes! So here’s another one. I want like 5 kids! Yup, you hear me, FIVE  wild, rampant, and insane kiddos)
10) I am incredibly impulsive and I say and act on how I feel as I feel it (Hence why I have bangs. Please refer to #5 of this list)
This was impromptu date night. Literally driving down the road, thinking aloud, and decided to pull in to a restaurant for date night! Just because!
 11) If we are in the car and a good song comes on, you are subject to my obnoxious singing and dancing. Taste-Tester’s solution has been to duck down and hide from any observers!
12) what little Brandon and I have is given to others (always making/taking food to somebody). I don’t mind our tiny house with no central heat and air and ramen noodle dinners because they are going to make for incredible stories one day!

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