Oklahoma Girl

Blessings of Coffee and Love

I woke up this morning, put my feet on the cold hardwood floors, pulled my knotted unkempt hair into a big ponytail, put on some warm fuzzy socks to match my warm fuzzy flannel pajamas, and ventured to the kitchen for a fresh pot of steaming black coffee. After adding an absurd amount of flavored creamer to my cup and finding myself a spot on the couch, it wasn’t long before I was joined!

1483093_10202808851367231_1201089948_nAnd it wasn’t long before this lazy dog had me laying down along side him to provide ultimate comfort as he naps in the crevice of my shoulder and cuddles up along the length of my arm. And on his face is pure, ultimate relaxation. The kind of relaxation that can only come from loving and being loved. The relaxation of knowing you belong to someone.

No no no…not belong as in the backward, prehistoric sense of ownership. Belonging as in sharing a mutual affinity toward one another. I belong to many people….my parents, my brothers, my boyfriend, the neighbor across the street that I take bread to. I have a sense of belonging and admiration for many people. And as I sit here this morning and attempt to enjoy my morning coffee without disturbing my lazy dog’s peaceful slumber, I am reminded of how many blessings I have in this world!

My house is small, our sink faucet leaks, our dryer is broken, the hardwood floors are scratched and worn, and the window panes are chipped with paint. But my, imagine how much love this house has known!


Tonight the town celebrates its Christmas tradition with the annual parade through town. There will be lights afloat trailers and trucks as they pull people with happy faces down Main Street to the sounds of Christmas music. And when the last trailer passes by, and the cold winter air nips at our noses and ears, we will return to my worn, weathered home, sit around the tree, sipping cups of hot cocoa and laughing as we rejoice in the love that we have come to know!

Just a peaceful thought this morning from the Oklahoma Girl before I have to start my preparations for this joyous occasion! Off to the kitchen I go!


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