Oklahoma Girl

Dreams of Wellies

Random thought for the day.

I am going to turn my life upside down, hang up my stethoscope, and become a soiled, sweaty ranch hand. Yup. I am going to inexplicably trade my scrubs and non-skid, orthopedic shoes for flannel shirts and wellies (army green colored of course). I’m going to put my flannel obsession to use and wear all those shirts I have collected in my closet. Dark, hot soil will gather under my fingernails. My hair will transfix itself to the nape of my neck with the help of sweat, which comes from a hard day’s work. Coarse hair of cattle and horses will litter my clothes after a day of working livestock and red mud will stain my knees after a lengthy session of planting the garden.

Okay so obviously it doesn’t sound like fun. I’m pretty sure I just earned myself some eye rolls from a few of you. But the short time my grandpa spent teaching me to drive the tractor and my grandmother begrudgingly pulling me along side as she picked vegetables was actually wonderful.

As a society we are so used to the world handing us things and having access to anything and everything at the local superstore. I miss the days of farmer’s markets, picking hot, juicy blackberries off a bush on the side of a dirt road, and having to earn what you desire without it being given to you for nothing.

I guess I’m showing my Oklahoma roots! But safe to say after graduation day, this nurse will definitely be investing in some land! Now who wants to buy me some wellies for Christmas?



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