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Something Old, Something New – Decorative Jars

Remember the good ‘ole college days? You know…the days when your apartment was the size of a normal person’s walk-in closet. The pilot light to the water heater would fizzle out just before your “hot, relaxing” shower as if it were on cue. And the only substantial food in your pantry are cheap boxes of pasta and a hefty supply of peanut butter (which you eat straight from the jar with a spoon).

So the point of college days? You are officially broke. And despite the number of odd jobs you work, minimum wage just doesn’t foot the bill! Therefore from college spawns creativity! And thus we have reached the main objective of this post: something old re-purposed into something new! In this instance…my mother’s candle jars get a makeover.

unnamed (9)

My mother’s house is the kind when you walk in the door the first thing that happens is a cozy wall of fragrance spills out, wraps you up, and practically carries you in on a cloud with the idea of homemade sugar cookies and hot, steaming bread awaiting you. It is that comforting. But alas…candles will inevitably reach their end. And rather than throw them away I have convinced my mother to stockpile them for a rainy day.

So here we are…at the kitchen table with an array of used candles, tools, and paints. The mission: Decorative Jars. First task: The freezer.

unnamed (10)

Once the wax-lined jars have been frozen overnight, simply run under hot water. Soak them if you must. A butter knife should do the trick and the wax should easily deliver itself from the glass in one fell swoop.

unnamed (11)

Allow the jars to dry after a vigorous scrub. And with drill in hand…we make holes in the candle lids to add decorative knobs.

unnamed (13)

Any knob will do if you intend to spray paint. Keep in mind that the lid and knob would need to be sealed after being spray painted to prevent any paint chipping from excessive wear on the jar. With supplies ready, attach the screw up through the bottom of the lid and tightly secure your knob onto top.

unnamed (14)I used spray paints from projects past to complete this one (which means this college kid can splurge on dinner). In this picture is a hammered bronze paint which is sealed with polyurethane and the unpainted silver combination (which did not have to be sealed since it is unpainted). Total project cost: five dollars per jar.

Simply fill with goodies for an inexpensive, homemade gift that friends and family will love!

unnamed (15)Comment below for more tips, tricks, and answers to questions!


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