Oklahoma Girl

Odd Southern Girl

Someone please inform my professors that I am unable to attend class today due to severe illness. I am highly depressed that I have to leave my project unfinished for hours on end. In fact, it is down right just wrong. It should be mandatory that I stay home and finish my project. And I should be reprimanded for abandoning it for school….by being made to stay home to work on projects until I am thoroughly exhausted (or I run out of wood stain…whichever comes first).

In the meantime, I’ll only leave you guessing what project is beckoning for me to become a homebody. Just know that it is incredibly messy and I loved every grimy bit of it. I mean, you’re not from the South if you don’t get some dirt under your nails every now and then right? Please say right because that would mean this Southern girl is one peculiar individual.
unnamed (2)


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