Oklahoma Girl

Project Attention Deficit Disorder

That moment when you realize you have Project ADD, better known as PADD for short. Yes…that’s it. I have an undiagnosed attention-deficit disorder. Did you know that…oh hey, look over there! Ahem, okay just kidding with that last sentence there. But seriously, I need help. I am not right. Maybe it could be I’m just overly enthusiastic about my new ideas that I leave the old ones at the wayside? hmm…that may be it!

But for your reading pleasure, here is a list of my attention-deficit dilemmas compiled by my dear loved ones over the years.

1) I am physically incapable of watching an entire TV show without flipping through every station when I get bored. For this reason, it is a common occurrence to watch TV “Lauren-Style” as my brother so affectionately calls it.

2) Listening to the radio in the car is even worse than the TV. They should make an armrest that extends all the way to the stereo. Just saying.

3) I have approximately 5 unfinished projects crowding my small storage shed. Seriously, It is a maze in there. I should start charging admission and passing out popcorn during Halloween.

4) I have a hall closet entirely devoted to the housing of supplies and materials. We don’t talk about it.

5) There is in fact a partially refurbished dresser spanning the distance between my living room and kitchen. And yes, people do get sideswiped with it when rounding the corner too fast. And yes, it serves as the holder of all things abandoned.

unnamed (5)

On the plus side, I am making improvements.

unnamed (6)

This baby quilt is 98% done. It only lacks the sewing of the already pinned binding! Problem is…I broke my sewing machine. Therefore this is not self-inflicted negligence of a project! I am not at fault here! The sewing machine is the culprit and I will be avenged! I will get this quilt done and redeem myself! I hope…



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