Oklahoma Girl

Dressing Room Mishaps

Hello one and all! I greet you today with a short message. You guys are smart. Your intelligence far surpasses my own. How you may ask? Because like the title of this post suggests…Oklahoma girl had a dressing room mishap. I know you good people wouldn’t get yourselves into such a situation. I, on the other hand, seem to be having embarrassing mishaps right and left.

So in keeping with tradition, a list. Just for you good people. I call it “What To Do In Case Of Embarrassment”:

  1. When your instructor asks you to go change into surgical scrubs for your day in the operating room, you should anticipate something can and will go wrong. Especially if your name is Lauren. Just a fact.
  2.  When asking a scrub nurse which door leads to the women’s dressing room, be aware of the possibility she may or may not point to the wrong one. Its like Russian roulette…but with dressing rooms.
  3.  Hospitals should post signs. I mean, they at least have gender specific stick figures on restroom doors! You would think it makes sense to do the same for dressing rooms (especially when the doors are identical!)
  4. Always, always, always (let me repeat…ALWAYS) change inside the bathroom stall. Because in the off-chance (or high probability in my case) that you change in the wrong dressing room, at least you aren’t standing in all your glory with only your undergarments on. Just saying.
  5. When you come out of said bathroom stall back into the main dressing room and there is a person of opposite gender standing there glaring at you…well, only thing you can do at this point is to make a casual joke and then run. Run fast. And pray your legs swiftly carry you to the correct dressing room.
  6. Once in the correct dressing room, you may then proceed to come out of the shock that you are now in. Be glad that there are masks to disguise your identity.

unnamed (8)

On a side note: Now that I have been to the other side I feel competent to inform you that girl’s bathrooms are indeed better than the men’s. And that is the take-away lesson for today folks…..and also that there is a desperate need for proper dressing room signs.



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