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Going on an Adventure

Did you know that it has been two months since I’ve formulated any kind of post or funny anecdote for your reading pleasure? Yes, it has been exactly 65 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes and 11 seconds since my last post! Okay well…the timing may not be exact. I might be off by a second or two! But never mind that, let’s get back to my prolonged absence. Would you believe me if I said I was kidnapped and held hostage by a posse of large, portly goblins…only to escape and begin a two month adventure with thirteen dwarves? No?! Me either…sounds like the plot to a movie…. 

But seriously guys. Nursing school could be a scene straight from “The Hobbit”. Technically it did kidnap my social life. And patients can be somewhat reminiscent of grumpy goblins when they haven’t obtained adequate pain medication. And the thirteen dwarves?…well okay there is really only 8 of us and we like to call ourselves the “Wednesday clinical group”. Creative name, I know. We spent a minute on it.
unnamed (1)
But seriously look at this picture. Does it look like us nursing students have time to blog, much less take care of ourselves with a well-balanced diet?? So my two month sabbatical was not nearly adventurous, especially not hobbit-movie quality. However I did manage to get a few things accomplished. First stop on the new adventure began with re-decorating the guest bedroom and transforming it into a home office so that I may blog relentlessly! But alas, my willpower for painting trim equates to that of a 3rd grader in a candy shop…there is none. So until I can muster some semblance of willpower, I will continue my posts at the kitchen table (hopefully more than once every two months).  But let the changes continue and in the words of Bilbo Baggins…”I’m going on an adventure!”

One thought on “Going on an Adventure

  1. I first saw the picture of all the junk food and I cringed. Then you said that you do know what a balanced diet was and my faith in the community of nursing students was restored.
    Junk food happens in a pinch. Stay healthy and good luck on your adventure.
    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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