Chevron Pallet Sign
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Chevron Pallet Sign

As it turns out, computers and beach…they don’t get along. I mean WiFi signals are just too
persnickety (we’ll dive into how fun the word persnickety is later…). But back to what I was
saying, WiFi signals are persnickety. As in they do not like venturing past the cold boundaries of
the beach house. I do not blame them. Nothing quite like that sweet air conditioner. However,
the highly adventurous part of me dares to trade air conditioner for back sweat and salt water
(highly appealing, I know). Continue reading

Car Rides and Nap Time
Oklahoma Girl

Car Rides and Nap Time

Family vacation Day 1 Hour 10: Mom and I have finally convinced dad to suffer through a country music station just long enough that we may enjoy a reprieve from “play that funky music white boy” and an inordinate amount of Styx and Queen songs. Continue reading