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Chevron Pallet Sign

As it turns out, computers and beach…they don’t get along. I mean WiFi signals are just too
persnickety (we’ll dive into how fun the word persnickety is later…). But back to what I was
saying, WiFi signals are persnickety. As in they do not like venturing past the cold boundaries of
the beach house. I do not blame them. Nothing quite like that sweet air conditioner. However,
the highly adventurous part of me dares to trade air conditioner for back sweat and salt water
(highly appealing, I know).

But all of this is beside the point. I have officially surrendered temporary status as a beach bum
and have reclaimed Oklahoma girl status. And having doing so, I have also become quite the
busy bee. Hello productivity and goodbye spare time! The good part is this productivity has led
to the acquisition of more raw materials just waiting to be made into new projects. Which
reminded me that I have yet to post my latest project (that isn’t a recipe). So here it is:

It began with a stack of pallets. Taking them apart with my new toy, Mr. Sawzall.


These boards were perfect length for the sign I was attempting to make. So I only removed the
length off two boards to use as back supports. I lay the other boards together, placed my back
supports, and began drilling away!


I drilled screws, one per board on each back support. And after a quick rough sanding, this
project suddenly had a light at the end of the tunnel! (Side note: Don’t sand all the character out
of your pallets. These pallets came to me cracked, splintered, and weathered. Don’t sand it all
out. It looks great on the wall!) Next comes the painting:

20140710_203623 (1)

This is the portion that caused the most deliberation. It was suggested to me to attempt chevron
stripes. But what color?? And how will those compete with the sign’s main attraction, the quote?
so I mixed gray with white. I mixed gray with wood stain. I mixed gray with every imaginable
substance in an attempt to produce some concoction that I found suitable! In the end…gray with
hints of white were enough to pop against the weathered wood without competing with the white
lettering I planned to add.

Another note: That “don’t try this at home” saying doesn’t apply here. Do whatever your heart
desires! I accomplished my chevron stripes by drawing them on paper first, cutting them out,
and using it almost how one uses painters tape to separate what is to be painted and what isn’t.
I did a patchy job with the paint and left wood showing to enhance the weathered look.

20140713_063215 (1)

Finally, comes the quote! The over-eager artist in me won over the perfectionist side and these
letters were thus hand-painted. I urge you dear perfectionists to purchase stencils, unless the
artist in you has a habit of winning.

Seal with a clear coat of polyurethane for added protection if you so choose, and then proceed
to sit back, throw your feet up, and admire your work of art. (No “watching paint dry” puns


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