Oklahoma Girl

It’s Fall, Y’all!

Its November guys. How did this happen? Okay okay…I know. It is still technically October. At least for the next 8 hours. But seriously, how can it possibly be November? I feel like I just started the first semester of my senior year and now its almost over (no complaints here).

me and kim

(Here is me and my best friend, Kim, during one of the few clinical we have left before graduation!)

Seeing as how I have this habitual disappearing act…first making oodles of posts and then withdrawing from all social media into the black hole that is nursing school, It seems the time has come to crawl out from under my rock and make a post!! So here it is:


Now I know what you’re thinking, everyone loves fall! You’ve heard all of us say it time and time again! But there is just something about the changing colors. The warm red and gold hues of the fallen leaves in contrast to still clear blue skies and the fading green grass. Not to mention the typical stuff every woman is swayed by: scarves, sweaters, and boots.


(Here I am, excited for the much anticipated sweater weather!)

But one of the many main attractions of fall is all the time I will soon be spending with my family. (That black hole of nursing school is a very unfriendly, unsociable place!). And to kick the start of November off, I have painstakingly sought out any and all measures of comfort that I may enjoy with my family before graduation when I am compelled to be an average, working adult.

What you may ask, do these sources of comfort include? Cinnamon-Apple pie, pumpkin carving, a new tradition of shooting pumpkins (ahem, yes you read correctly. Shooting pumpkins. With guns), and finally at last my first vanilla chai tea on this crisp, cold day!

And with all that said: Happy Halloween everyone! It’s Fall, y’all!

me and mom

(Mom and I enjoying our first Chai tea of the cold weather.)


(Shooting our pumpkins! Video to be uploaded soon!)


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