Chevron Pallet Sign
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Chevron Pallet Sign

As it turns out, computers and beach…they don’t get along. I mean WiFi signals are just too
persnickety (we’ll dive into how fun the word persnickety is later…). But back to what I was
saying, WiFi signals are persnickety. As in they do not like venturing past the cold boundaries of
the beach house. I do not blame them. Nothing quite like that sweet air conditioner. However,
the highly adventurous part of me dares to trade air conditioner for back sweat and salt water
(highly appealing, I know). Continue reading

Something Old, Something New – Decorative Jars
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Something Old, Something New – Decorative Jars

So the point of college days? You are officially broke. And despite the number of odd jobs you work, minimum wage just doesn’t foot the bill! Therefore from college spawns creativity! And thus we have reached the main objective of this post: something old re-purposed into something new! In this instance…my mother’s candle jars get a makeover. Continue reading