Well hello there peeps! I see you’ve enjoyed my pages SO much you’ve decided to take it upon yourselves to read every new page on this blog!! Okay probably not. More than likely you can’t tear yourself away from the computer because your wondering what silly thing this crazy woman will do next. Well I’ll tell you what this crazy woman is doing next…Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Oh…wait, that’s the wedding good luck charm thingamabob. I’m not engaged…what’s that wedding hocus pocus doing here??  Oh wait, I remember now…

…I have an immense, unwavering love of something old (hence my personality…and maybe my boyfriend?). Okay but seriously now, let’s focus! Old and used furniture has so much character, so much life, so much uhmmm…well…you get the idea.  Slap a little paint on and I give unto you a whole page of refurbished old furniture!!

Don’t believe some garage sale furniture and a coat of paint won’t make a fabulous addition to your house? Well then I disown you. Like seriously, get off my page. NO WAIT! I’m kidding, come back…I didn’t mean it! Just let me show you what you’re missing!


Once an antique sewing table, now a hallway buffet! See, I told you I liked something old and something blue. But I pinky promise not all posts on this page are blue (only the items that end up in my booth at the store). Go to Excerpts of an Oklahoma Girl to see posts on my projects or search in the post archives


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