Alright alright…I know what you all are thinking. “What is this crazy woman doing sewing her own clothes when she can go out and buy the same perfectly nice things at the store?”

WELL I’LL TELL YOU WHY!!!!! All men were not created equal. There, I said it. Girls you know what I’m talking about. You go to one department store and your a beautiful size 4. Never felt better about yourself. Then you go to another store and all the sudden…BOOM! Hello hips and goodbye warm, happy, fuzzy feelings.

Let’s face it…sizes are different between every department store. And to add to our confusion, some stores practically omit body parts from clothing!! How can a woman go from having normal sized hips  in one store and then the other store only has  jeans that have no hip or thigh region. Then your in the fitting room crying because you can’t get your jeans up past your thighs and the fitting room attendant has to feed you Kleenexes under the door. Okay, just kidding about that last part.

But I am tired of clothes not fitting me where they should fit me. And while I don’t make my own jeans, I am a big fan of sewing everything else!

Not to mention hand-sewn items make excellent gifts!



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